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Maybe I'm trying. trying too hard,
with nothingness to do.
i'm sorry you, but it's empty.

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Goodbye October, Oh Hello November.
Thursday, November 1, 2012 // Thursday, November 01, 2012


Hey! What's up, dude :)
It's November already~ Well, sekejap je masa berlalu :') Harap sangat bulan ini bulan yang lebih baik dari yang lepas. Btw, I'm waiting for December. Why? Cause I will fly to Dubai and Korea. Awwhh, I'm so excited!! n.nY and heyy! Next year, batch 98's is going through the 'PMR Candidates'. Okay, I'm afraid ._. well, freedom sekejap je tahun ni :') Jawab final exam pun dah macam jawab PMR apa lagi kalau jawab PMR aitee? Huhh~ How I wish I will do the best! InsyaAllah :)  So heyhey! look this :

This is what we called, RojakRojak~ Only 'Taiko' members know what's that mean ;) hehe. Btw, inilah hasilnya selepas menjawab exam~ conteng-conteng kertas soalan :3 Anyway, rindu nak buat misi 'rojakrojak' ni ouhh :/ From the first final exam till last paper, we did this .__. and this is cool ahh ~ Hmm, Oh! Happy New Month !! Have a blast in a new month xx. I will miss my best friend Izzy and Hanan also I don't forget my Taiko member!! My only Nisa aka Taiko Besar , Nurul aka Taiko ? hehee I dunno know ;) Oh yehh! My kawan rapat :pp Hafiz Shamsuddin and Hazwan Hazmi :D Apapun stay enjoy gaisss !!! :>

P/s: Wake me up when November ends, please? :)