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Maybe I'm trying. trying too hard,
with nothingness to do.
i'm sorry you, but it's empty.

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The Story: Only I Didn't Know.
Thursday, December 20, 2012 // Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chapter 1: Back Home
The story of a woman named Joona-kun who had just returned from London struck a handsome guy named Jung-hyuk in the bookstore. Beginning is the story of two close friends shortly to love each other. After a month they became a lovers, Joona's father met Jung-hyuk and was suprised that the man who became  Joona lover is her stepbrother who has long kept secret by her father. After a few days after Joona father tells everything to Jung-hyuk. Jung-hyuk feel very sad but his father and mother would like to see them both engaged and married.

Chapter 2: Problem Life
Joona and Jung-hyuk got engaged without Joona knowing the truth. After their engagement ceremony ended, Jung-hyuk met Joona to tell the truth but he not willing to because he knows Joona and himself too loves each other. Jung-hyuk don't want Joona feel sad and upset. The next day, Jung-hyuk back to work and while travelling to work, Jung-hyuk accident and died. When the hospital called Joona about the accident, Joona feel so sad. After completing buried her fiance, Joona return to her parents house because she's so sad to stay alone. After she came into the house of her parents, her father told her the truth and Joona feels more sad and upset because her lover before is her stepbrother. Joona feel very upset because her father notify this to her now. Joona almost went crazy with the situation. Without haste, her father had to call 'Lunatic Hospital' because her father knew she could not forgive him about it.

Chapter 3: Final Situation
After a month in 'Lunatic Hospital', Joona got a call that her father had died of disease. Joona had more miserable life in the hospital. Emerging a detective that spy a Joona life and Joona finally released from the hospital after three month. Joona start a new life in her apartment and work at the cafe without Jung-hyuk in her life. Soon after, she met a good guy named Hyung-eun that behave like former fiance. And they were married after two months know and have a baby girl named Mihyung-Ae. They lived happily even Joona often remember Jung-hyuk all the time and she still keep a necklace from Jung-hyuk and she give it to her daughter because she know what Jung-hyuk want her to do and every promise that she keep.

- End of the short movie story -

P/s: This is only the intro of a story. The movie coming soon..