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Maybe I'm trying. trying too hard,
with nothingness to do.
i'm sorry you, but it's empty.

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Bring Me Back To Life.
Monday, November 11, 2013 // Monday, November 11, 2013

Hi people! It's been long time no see since I had my important exam. From now on, I'm already free.. but I'm a little bit busy =.= haha, busy with my own job actually.. but it doesn't matter. I really miss my blogger of course! Nan jeongmal nae gwiyeoun beullogeu leul geuliwo~!! Now, it's holiday time. So, my everyday work is to listening the music and surfing internet -.- did I waste my time with all of that things? hahaha, mianhae :'3 I'm really sorry. But, I heard that my dad said this December we're going to London. So maybe I'll do my photographer job then.. For next year I'm going up to form 4 so maybe I'm gonna improve my education. Hm, maybe I'm gonna be a brilliant person next year :p don't be shocked! It's surprise for myself and my family InsyaaAllah. I'll pray for myself! Since I've my own hobby, yup it's photography work! I think I'm going to Vokasional hm, but actually I don't know I really want to go or not. Aishhh, frustrated! =.= I really hope my result will be okay. Back to holiday.. I don't think that I remember or miss my friends? hahaha, because I only know about "what I want" and "what I'm going to do" in my holiday, actually I'm always be like this when my holiday come ~.~ Too bad huh!